Enjoy your legacy now

at Soldier Summit Estates.

Over the years, recreational property retreats became places of family tradition - where priorities are defined, friendships are renewed, and family bonds are strengthened. Places where family legacies are built each visit.

Just over 45 minutes from Provo, you can set out to your Soldier Summit hideaway every weekend if you'd like! The entire drive is on state highways, and once you turn off, it's a mere stone throw to you mountain estate on well-maintained, plowed in winter as weather permits.

Easily-reached, affordable recreational building lots have become scarce in recent years. In most cases, you'll either pay an exorbitant amount, or you'll be forced to compromise on a hard-to-get-to, out-of-the-way alternative.

Solider Summit mountain estates are one of the very few recreational property opportunities left that combines substantial value with accessibility to the Wasatch front's metropolitan valleys.

Regardless of your particular stage in life, there's never been a better time to consider a recreational property investment.

And regardless of what your primary motives are - be they securing a long-term investment, strengthening family ties, strengthening a sound inheritance plan, or all of the above - Soldier Summit mountain estates is the perfect place to achieve your objectives.

Enjoy your legacy now at Soldier Summit Estates.

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